Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Aliens Have Invaded......

Aliens have landed and the Handmade Circle Team is showing them not only that we are friendly here on Earth, but also teaching them about the handmade way.  Several members of the team met with the aliens on a beautiful starry night in the corn fields of an undisclosed location.  Here are some of the wonderful items the team has offered up as a gesture of kindness: 

Erin from Starfall says"We love beautiful, beaded things. Take this lovely spider creature back to Mars to remember Earth's beauty!"

 Sue from Grist Mill Designs thinks this guy would really like to visit Mars.

 Elaine from Elaine's Gems tells the aliens: A natural stone from earth to remind you of it's beauty.

 Grateful Beads is offering this pendant because she looks just a little spaced out!

 A Moment In Paradise says: Mars needs to smell good and so does the spaceship 

 Cindy from Handmade by Cosmo told the aliens: We have crazy animals on Earth, take this one that's a little confused...

 Elemental Silver  thinks the aliens would love this seahorse (I bet they will!)

 Amy from Lucary says: They can use these for their antennae, complete with their own kind!

 Flowertown Originals  is sending this great night light as it needs an out of this world home!

 KatKeRos Corner is looking to please their leader, as she says:  They can take this fascinator for their queen.

Kristi's Klean Kreations says Beer soap to make them silly and happy (or at least smell like beer)

   Brenny's Bibbies  thinks they might like to keep their skin (slime?!?) clean too :)

After seeing all the great items offered by Handmade Circle how could the Aliens not be pleased?
Visit these wonderful shops for more Out Of This World items.  May the force be with you........

Handmade Circle Team
Marsha Bourquin/Team Captain
Bags By Hags


  1. thanks for including my leg..i mean antennae warmers!

  2. I wonder how much the postage would be to ship to outer space?
    Thanks for including my light! What a fun post.

  3. Fun post, thank you for including my aroma beads

  4. Ha! Love it and these great picks. Maybe I'll pose as an alien for awhile to get them for myself

  5. Cute theme!!! lol. And love the picks!!!