Thursday, September 13, 2012

Handmade Circle is going to Washington D.C.

We are made up of Democratic's, Republican's, and maybe a few undecided, but one party we are all members of is the Handmade Party!  Our mission is for the whole Nation to know about Handmade Products, and the great people behind those products.  Our items are made with our hearts and our souls, we create unique and one of a kind items, that are all made with Love!

This week Handmade Circle Team was asked what item from your shop would you send to the White House and why?  Take a look at some of these great items from some great Handmade Artists.

Stephanie Torina from StarsintheSkyDesigns says:  Jewelry. A must have accessory to any outfit!
Ashley Noelle from BrennysBibbies says: This patriotic basket would look perfect in the White House

Amy Fowler from Lucary says:  Mr. President needs one of these for his coffee cup

Karalee from ifrogcrafts says:  A quiet reminder:

Sarah Yetter from SarahsFabCreations says:  Everybody needs a basket or 2:

Kat from KatKeRosCorner says:  A comb for her hair.

Shannon Rose from AMomentinParadise says:  They need rose candle tarts for the rose room

Holly Westmoreland from HollyHomemadeGoodies says:  A blanket to wipe away her husband's tears when he loses in November....

Marie from mareestreasures says:  Definitely needs a Welcoming Sign for the front door. Don't you agree that this would look great on the front door of the White House, or it will look good in that orange room!

red weaver from GoGreenWithRed says:  A Passport Cover if she decides.... ya know!!

Madeforjake from Madeforjake says:  Custom SIlhouettes of Sasha and Malia! 
Staci from ConstantlyUnfolding says:  Michelle looks stylish and bold- she'd look fab in this color necklace!

grannyscraftattic from grannyscraftattic says:  A gift card holder to hold a gift card after he converts all the campaign cash he's gotten so he and Michelle and the kids don't have to carry cash on all those trips they take.

Melissa from FaeArbor says:  I'd love to see Michelle in a nature crown. That'd be sweet. :)

Jayne from TwiggyandOpal says;  It would be this...the first family can snuggle up to the fireplace! 

Dawn from Abundantearthworks says:  I would send a set of these Re-usable mason jar mugs, so they could do something positive like Reduce their waste.

Michael and Karen Adair from PacificNWBath says:  The scent of Hawaii, also a great focal point in a guest bathroom.

Marsha Bourquin from bagsbyhags45 says:  I am sending my orange oval hand mirror, it will look wonderful in her all orange dressing area.

Vote for Handmade!  Handmade is good for the Nation, good for the hard working Artists, and good for you!  Thank You For Your Support. 

Our name is Handmade Circle Team and we approved this message.............................

Handmade Circle Team

Friday, September 7, 2012

We here at the Handmade Circle Team  are some Busy Bee's!  We have a lot of exciting things going on right now, here are some of the great things buzzing around Handmade Circle!

 First up we have 3 team members who have Birthday's this month:
Shannon Rose from - A Moment In Paradise
Jayne Willis from - Twiggy & Opal
Delphine Wilson from - Dels Yarn Basket

 Something Spooky is coming next week to Handmade Circle, it's still brewing in the cauldron, but keep watching our Handmade Circle Fan Page for more details, so make sure you like our page.  I promise that you won't be Tricked!

We had a Wacky Wednesday Event on our group page this week, I requested each team member post one wacky fact about themselves that we did not know.  I promised I wouldn't reveal all the answers, but I will say I definitely learned some things about my team!  Seriously this is a great and fun way to get know your team better and we all really enjoyed it. 

We also have a Question Of The Week, and this week's question was:  
Here are some of the great answers!

meggiebabe - Big Needle and exact-o knife, for sure! I could use the big needle to sew together foliage, and the exact-o knife to cute different shapes and sizes of whatever it may be that I need! 
KatKeRosCorner - One of my scrunchies to keep my hair out of my face and one of my bookmarks to keep my place in all the books that keeps washing ashore.
DelsYarnBasket - One of my face/wash cloths, to keep my self some what clean, while stranded.
ChelstersCreationsWire cutters to cut branches and micro torch to start a fire!
gristmilldesigns - I would take my shiniest beads and lay them out in sand to spell ''help!'' Hopefully a plane would see them reflecting light...
I would also take my sharpest beading tool so I could open a coconut for survival!
ifrogcrafts -   My drill & wire. Figure i could at least create sculptures. Ooh! And maybe a raft. lol 
ClassyJewelryShop -  A pair of rosary pliers to make fish hooks and my torch striker for fire. 
TwiggyandOpal -  my rotary cutter for chopping my coconuts. 
my fabric scrap bin...i could weave a blanket for the cold nights! 
CreativeWorksOfArt -  My LIKE and FOLLOW buttons, so I can be heard! 
BethanyBryant - My oil pastels and a huge sketchbook to capture all of the scenery! :) Hopefully the pastels wouldn't melt!
GoGreenWithRed -  Rotary cutter to cut up coconuts and brush to make shelter... and fabric scraps to cleanse thy self of P.U.
There was many more great answers, Handmade Circle is certainly a resourceful team!

In addition to our fun stuff, the whole team has been busy as bees creating new items for their shops!  Look at some of these great things!

To see more great items from all the shops head over to our One Stop Shopping Page here on our Blog!

If you have an Esty Shop we would love for you to join our team!

Until Next Time - Bee Happy, Bee Kind, and Bee Blessed!

Handmade Circle Team
Marsha Bourquin - Team Captain

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Aliens Have Invaded......

Aliens have landed and the Handmade Circle Team is showing them not only that we are friendly here on Earth, but also teaching them about the handmade way.  Several members of the team met with the aliens on a beautiful starry night in the corn fields of an undisclosed location.  Here are some of the wonderful items the team has offered up as a gesture of kindness: 

Erin from Starfall says"We love beautiful, beaded things. Take this lovely spider creature back to Mars to remember Earth's beauty!"

 Sue from Grist Mill Designs thinks this guy would really like to visit Mars.

 Elaine from Elaine's Gems tells the aliens: A natural stone from earth to remind you of it's beauty.

 Grateful Beads is offering this pendant because she looks just a little spaced out!

 A Moment In Paradise says: Mars needs to smell good and so does the spaceship 

 Cindy from Handmade by Cosmo told the aliens: We have crazy animals on Earth, take this one that's a little confused...

 Elemental Silver  thinks the aliens would love this seahorse (I bet they will!)

 Amy from Lucary says: They can use these for their antennae, complete with their own kind!

 Flowertown Originals  is sending this great night light as it needs an out of this world home!

 KatKeRos Corner is looking to please their leader, as she says:  They can take this fascinator for their queen.

Kristi's Klean Kreations says Beer soap to make them silly and happy (or at least smell like beer)

   Brenny's Bibbies  thinks they might like to keep their skin (slime?!?) clean too :)

After seeing all the great items offered by Handmade Circle how could the Aliens not be pleased?
Visit these wonderful shops for more Out Of This World items.  May the force be with you........

Handmade Circle Team
Marsha Bourquin/Team Captain
Bags By Hags

Friday, August 31, 2012


It is time for Terrific-Great-Items-Found (T.G.I.F.) Friday!  There was so many new wonderful items listed by Handmade Circle Team Members this week, I actually had to conduct a random draw to pick the winners! Handmade Circle Team  is full of great shops and great artists, so without further ado here are this week's T.G.I.F. items!

 Holly's Homemade Goodies brings us this wonderful orange and green Dinosaur Quilt.  RAWR!

Creative Works Of Art shows us this Vintage Necklace.  This would be a great accessory for the upcoming party season!

 Gorgeous Gypsy Hoop Earrings from  StavHoffmanJewelry (Santa I would love to find these in my stocking!)

Check out this Vintage Button Necklace from Chumaka, what a creative way to use vintage buttons! Perfect Fall Colors!

Finally we have this University of Pittsburgh Cathedral Painting from RainaRegan, beautiful art work!

Also our Featured Treasured Shop for this Friday is A Moment In Paradise. We are celebrating One Last Weekend At The Beach!

Made to Order Voodo...

Daddy Daughter Pain...

Silver Starfish Nec...

Family Rules Lake H...

So cute blue croche...


Iphone Case - Boat ...

Shark Week, Kindle ...

Shell as Old as Tim...

Nautical Headband S...

Painted Sticks and ...

Life's a Beach ...


Dog ID Tag Beach Bu...

Combination Beach T...

Blue Barefoot Sanda...

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Handmade Circle Team