Thursday, September 13, 2012

Handmade Circle is going to Washington D.C.

We are made up of Democratic's, Republican's, and maybe a few undecided, but one party we are all members of is the Handmade Party!  Our mission is for the whole Nation to know about Handmade Products, and the great people behind those products.  Our items are made with our hearts and our souls, we create unique and one of a kind items, that are all made with Love!

This week Handmade Circle Team was asked what item from your shop would you send to the White House and why?  Take a look at some of these great items from some great Handmade Artists.

Stephanie Torina from StarsintheSkyDesigns says:  Jewelry. A must have accessory to any outfit!
Ashley Noelle from BrennysBibbies says: This patriotic basket would look perfect in the White House

Amy Fowler from Lucary says:  Mr. President needs one of these for his coffee cup

Karalee from ifrogcrafts says:  A quiet reminder:

Sarah Yetter from SarahsFabCreations says:  Everybody needs a basket or 2:

Kat from KatKeRosCorner says:  A comb for her hair.

Shannon Rose from AMomentinParadise says:  They need rose candle tarts for the rose room

Holly Westmoreland from HollyHomemadeGoodies says:  A blanket to wipe away her husband's tears when he loses in November....

Marie from mareestreasures says:  Definitely needs a Welcoming Sign for the front door. Don't you agree that this would look great on the front door of the White House, or it will look good in that orange room!

red weaver from GoGreenWithRed says:  A Passport Cover if she decides.... ya know!!

Madeforjake from Madeforjake says:  Custom SIlhouettes of Sasha and Malia! 
Staci from ConstantlyUnfolding says:  Michelle looks stylish and bold- she'd look fab in this color necklace!

grannyscraftattic from grannyscraftattic says:  A gift card holder to hold a gift card after he converts all the campaign cash he's gotten so he and Michelle and the kids don't have to carry cash on all those trips they take.

Melissa from FaeArbor says:  I'd love to see Michelle in a nature crown. That'd be sweet. :)

Jayne from TwiggyandOpal says;  It would be this...the first family can snuggle up to the fireplace! 

Dawn from Abundantearthworks says:  I would send a set of these Re-usable mason jar mugs, so they could do something positive like Reduce their waste.

Michael and Karen Adair from PacificNWBath says:  The scent of Hawaii, also a great focal point in a guest bathroom.

Marsha Bourquin from bagsbyhags45 says:  I am sending my orange oval hand mirror, it will look wonderful in her all orange dressing area.

Vote for Handmade!  Handmade is good for the Nation, good for the hard working Artists, and good for you!  Thank You For Your Support. 

Our name is Handmade Circle Team and we approved this message.............................

Handmade Circle Team


  1. what a great post...great shops...and a great country! thank you marsha for including me!

  2. I love this post! Ya think they'll buy any of this from us? Thank you for including the Santa Gift Card holder!

  3. Yeah, great post, how did I miss this? Very cool stuff you all!